Rejuvenate your skin

Helps prevent skin infections

One of the most frequent skin infections is folliculitis. This consists of an inflammation of the hair follicle,  generally caused by bacteria or fungi. If not treated in  time it can lead to scaly ulcers, difficult to heal. One of its causes derives from the use of blades during  hair removal and the cuts and irritations that occur, leading to the proliferation of bacteria on the skin, penetrating through the hair shaft and affecting the hair follicle. With laser hair removal, this problem is over.

Helps to produce collagen

Once all hair is removed from the epidermis, it maintains its shine. This also ensures that it remains elastic, favoring the production of collagen, suitable for
maintaining youthful skin. What mistreated bot
the epidermis, such as periodic hair removal, ceases to occur after laser hair removal and constant removal of body hair.

Eliminate the ingrown hairs

Cystic hairs usually occur after waxing or razor shaving. When they become cystic, they can produce pilosebaceous cysts and even small keloids (hypertrophic scars), giving a hyperpigmented appearance. Over time, they
can become infected, leading to folliculitis.